Abstract, subjective and far-reaching. Schiff sees only what he wants to see. 

The Schiff Show curtain needs to come down.

While Schiff continues to lie about the whistleblower and other things, he’s about to embrace a corrupt witness Lev Parnas.

The Constitution is on Trump’s side.

The only question asked at a Hunter Biden job interview...

Governor Northam of Virginia sparked a pro-gun rights rally in Richmond after trying to push his gun control policies.

The circus has come back to town! Impeachment takes center stage led by Shifty Pinocchio Schiff and the appointed House Managers.

Where is Hunter Biden and should he give testimony in the Senate trial if they vote to have witnesses?

A popular place to flee to these days, eh?

Democrats will likely try to use the same dirty tricks as they did with the Russia collusion investigation and the Kavanaugh hearings.

There is none – nor are there any high crimes!

The Do Nothing Democrats only do work that's exclusively related to impeachment in order to destroy Trump!

Uncle Sam holds the weight of impeachment. 

"I pray for the president all the time."

The American people will soon see how that works out for them. 

Impeachment crayons? Signed pens? Pelosi has plenty, and she's more than happy to share. 

Another lie from Pelosi. 


charlie said...

Trump has clearly committed multiple impeachable offenses.

The GAO said withholding military aid from Ukraine that Congress had authorized constitutes a crime.

Trump publicly admitted to having done so.

That's a crime, and is therefore impeachable, as Lindsey Graham and Alan Dershowitz have both stated that a crime isn't necessary for impeachment.

One can't help but wonder how A.F. Branco and Ben Garrison became so detached from reality.

Hillary Clinton is above the law? The Trump Department of Justice just completed a two year investigation into her and found no crime with which she could be charged.

But there's Branco, suggesting that she's somehow a criminal.

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