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charlie said...

"Then he can finally get her (Hillary Clinton) investigated."

Hillary Clinton has been investigated at least nine times by Congress.

"Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders."

Likely because nothing she has done is even remotely defensible.

"...unless you are raped by Bill Clinton..."

Why is it that the woman who claims she was raped by Bill Clinton wouldn't say so under oath?

"If walls and guns don't work; then why are celebrities and politicians surrounded by them?"

Ronald Reagan was surrounded by guns when he was shot. Did it help?

"Socialism: An idea that is so good that it has to be mandatory."

I'll take Republican rants against Socialism seriously when I meet one who paves his own roads.

"Let thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants in!"

I've yet to hear of a Democratic politician who believes that illegal immgrants should not be vaccinated.

"You know that you live in a great country when even the people that absolutely detest it refuse to leave."

I guess we'll have to deport Donald Trump by force.

"Democrats say you...can give a lethal injection to an infant."

No Democrat has ever said this. [citation needed]

"Venezuela was destroyed by democratic socialism."

Yet Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway were not. That's because Venezuela was destroyed by government corruption.

"70% tax rate is $121,800. It's time to pay our fair share."

Yet another Republican who doesn't understand the concept of marginal tax rates. AOC's proposed 70% marginal tax rate wouldn't kick in until $10 million in income, so it wouldn't apply to her salary.

It's amazing how poorly informed your typical Republican voter happens to be.

"I love the poorly educated!" - Donald Trump, 2016

pickum said...

off topic:

"Read Elizabeth Warren’s Defense of Corporations on Asbestos, Plane Crashes, And More"

---This headline, on a website called "The Federalist," is trying to make Warren look a hypocrite, and a bad person, to discredit her. Yet the obvious, a Conservative website showing suspicion of corporations, is not remarkable to the websites readers?

---What part of Elizabeth Warren's actual, life long behavior tells you how should would behave if she wins the Presidency?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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