Fwd: Fw: Articular from a Small City


Small town newspaper article hits nail on the head . . . priceless!

Where Is Tawas City , MI ?
It is on Lake Huron and has a population of just over 2,000!!


charlie said...

I have a feeling that this one has been kicking around for a while now.

Just another screed from someone who hasn't taken the time to understand how U.S. law works.

Also, for the millionth time - there's no such thing as an "unborn child."

That's sort of like saying "living corpse."

Procopius said...

If a white person dislikes a black person he is not a racist. Lots of black people are unlikable. If a black person dislikes a white person, he is not a racist. Lots of white people are unlikable. If a white person believes that all black people are lazy moochers and sex-crazed drug users, he is a racist. If a black person believes that all white people are wannabe plantation owners and his enemies, he is a racist.

The current truce line in Korea is not the 38th Parallel, although it's close enough I suppose it doesn't make any difference. The 2nd Division is there as a "trip wire." They won't have any more effect than a speed bump if the North Korean Army decides to move south, but their deaths would cause national mobilization the same way Pearl Harbor did. We served the same function when I was stationed in Germany forty years ago.

We take money from the prosperous, highly taxed Blue states, such as New York, New Jersey, California, and give it to poverty-stricken, low taxed Red states such as West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama. I suppose you mean the people in those Red states don't want to work.

Why do you want to set up a nativity scene in my public park or in front of my city hall or in my public school? Don't you have some place of your own where you can set it up? Also, the argument is that by setting up a nativity scene you're using my tax money to favor your religion in hopes of getting some converts. That leads the the government deciding which religions it's going to support and which ones it won't. You want the government to support the Episcopalians and ban the Southern Baptists?

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