Fwd: Honduras immigrants

This is from a friend of mine on the immigrant march.
I just talked to a very good friend who lives in Honduras, I called her because I was worried about the situation in her country and also her thoughts about the march.

This was her answer, which I asked her to send in writing, so as not to omit or add words:...
"No Kathy, everything is normal, here in Honduras, thousands of people have already returned.
The government of Honduras has created a place for those who return, where they provide shelter,
medicines and basic needs until they can return to their normal lives.

Some have admitted that they were paid to make the crossing, but many also realized that they were
used to achieve a dream that does not exist Some even sold all their belongings and now they have
nothing. Just to see how they use women and children by placing them as shields in front of the march,
is obvious and very sad. Most of those who remain are "mareros" (Gangs of El Salvador) and many other
nationalities that are not from my country. This movement was provoked by the rogues of Mel Zelaya (candidate
for President of Honduras who lost the elections) with the help of Venezuela. Life in Honduras is still normal,
people working, studying ... life is the same.  If you are informed by CNN, I only ask you to believe half of it,
the manipulation of the truth is horrible, especially Jorge Ramos and one called Del Rincon."


pickum said...

---odd thought: is there an unconscious belief that the people being written about here already speak English or can easily learn it?

---As opposed to the 2012 dated forwards where the people being complained either do not want to speak english, ever, or cannot learn?

---Mandalay Hotel in 2917 fixATED GUY.

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