Fwd: Fw: Stupidity


charlie said...

I'll take Republican arguments against Socialism seriously when I meet one who paves his own roads.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Touche charlie.

But I can see it in their eyes. I disappoint the right wingers in my life. I do so by consistently not reacting like the left wing caricature Rush Limbaugh keeps telling them I am. Much like this over-the-top cartoon, they completely expect me to rant and rave about the latest racist, sexist, and moronic comments that they or their chief pitbull keep uttering at full volume. But I've become convinced that, like a small child looking for attention, my right wingers are mostly in it now just to get a reaction. When I react with a steely cynicism they get confused and seem worried, like the world just ain't what they've been told. And for sure it really isn't.

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