Notice how quick the old boy drew his weapon and was ready for combat.

He cleared a jam but recovered quickly and completed the task at hand.

Don’t need bullet proof glass windows - - - just an old cop, soldier, or Marine who is not afraid to engage the criminal and does NOT worry about the liability.

This is what gun control is really about which is clearly NOT the Socialist Democrat's version of Gun Control via confiscation.

You control the criminal situation with a gun, as opposed to, having the criminal control you being a disarmed law abiding citizen.

This short video provided by the Rockford (IL) City Police Dept.

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When will Americans wake up ?????

All Muslims are not terrorists or terrorist sympathizers, but Islam inspires many millions of Muslims to be one or the other. Unfortunately, we have no effective way to screen out the bad Muslims from the good ones when they immigrate to our country. ..and Muslims are increasing both as immigrants as well as newborns. Those Muslims who are not terrorists or terrorist sympathizers are providing cover and political nourishment for those who are. That is why that political movement disguised as a religion called Islam should be considered a cancerous threat to western civilization.
When is the West going to acknowledge that reality? Unless it does, it is doomed. Time is on Islam’s side so long as the West slumbers in its politically correct ignorance.

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