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gruaud said...

< with infinite patience >

The media isn't liberal, dumbbell.

A truly liberal media would be like
sunshine hitting a pack of vampires - all of you would either
crumble to dust or crawl back
under your rocks.

ferschitz said...

I don't "get" how this constitutes the so-called "liberal media" either, other than that this article is dealing in FACTS and is reasonably REALISTIC. And as we all know, reality does have a liberal bias.

The article, itself, is ok. Really all it says is that this country cannot go on as it presently does because... cue the drum roll: we need taxes to pay for stuff. Duh.

Wealthy Republics can whine & moan all they want. I know far too many who have RETIRED in their early 50s, continue to pay HUGE fees to belong to the country club, live in McMansions and are buying 2d homes in expensive places, continue to travel first class, etc (I'm not exaggerating), and then BEEF to the high heavens about taxes. Sheesh. So. Sick. of. their. entitlement.

Get real. Republics are the hugest rah-rahs for war (see prior post), and guess what? It costs a boatload. If we stopped masturbating over the damn "global hawk" and got out of Iraq & Afghanistan, we'd have a ton more money, but that's not what dolt conservatives want. They want it all but want someone else (usually brown skinned) to pay for it.

Here's a good quote from the article:

"...spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid--which equals 56 percent of all federal outflows--continues to skyrocket, and cutting those programs, just as baby boomers begin to retire, would be politically perilous. Few politicians in Washington want to cut defense, which leaves little else on the chopping block."

Ya think???? dummies. The article goes on to talk about various ways that fees and taxes can be levied to make ends meet. Color me unsurprised. And mark my words, ReThugs *may* get their fondest dream and have a new Republic POTUS come 2012, and guess what? All of the taxes, fees and levies discussed in this article will happen... even under a conservatard.

GROW THE EFF UP!!!!!!! Pay your own way, you scum sucking bottom dwellers.

Marc with a C said...

Maud? MAUD!!! The LIBURUHLS is commin to take our MONEH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I bet raising taxes on the uber rich back to the 70% pre-Reagan rate would put a big dent in our deficits. Funny how this "liberal" story didn't even bring THAT up. It's almost like they don't want anyone to remember when taxes were higher...

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