Fw: Luxury Cars

Luxury cars will soon be a thing of the past. They have always been beyond my means but I took out a luxury car last week, just to drive that sucker.

The salesman sat in the back seat describing the car and options. The seats were of particular interest.
He explained the seats directed warm air to your butt during the winter and directed cool air to your butt in the summer heat.

I stated the car must be a Republican car.

He asked why I thought it was a Republican car, and I explained; "If it were a Democrat car, the seats would blow smoke up your ass all year 'round."

"If you forward this e-mail, please remove my address. If you've already done that, disregard this friendly request"


gruaud said...

The guy will never be able to afford a luxury car and he blames Democrats. The same party that created the Middle Class and allowed him to dream about luxury cars in the first place.

Had he remained a Dem, he'd probably own one; but he went all 'Southern Strategy' and 'Trickle-down Theory' and got shafted.

And yet he STILL listens to Republicans.

Anonymous said...

To gruaud: ya nailed it! I shouldn't be amazed by this anymore, but the level of brainwashing is something, ain't it?!? This is but one tiny example of how's done.

Anonymous said...

Why, exactly, does the author think that luxury cars will soon be extinct?

I love the pleading at the end to remove the author from the email list. They'll forward this crap to anyone and jam up their inbox with it, but heaven forbid it makes its way back to them!

Anonymous said...

Why will luxury cars be a thing of the past? W/these teabagging town hall screamers forcefully (sometimes at gun point)endorsing the rights of the obscenely wealthy to rip all of us off as much & as often as possible (while paying as few taxes as possible), I think that more luxury cars will be purchased by our coporate overlords than ever before.

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