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BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s Corrupt Past Exposed – Time to Resign

November 4, 2017
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While Democrats have placed a lot of hope on the shoulders of special investigator Robert Mueller, Republicans and their conservative constituents are raising questions about his impartiality.
On Friday, Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, Arizona Republican Andy Biggs, and Texas Republican Louis Gohmert proposed in the House of Representatives that Mueller be forced to resign over “conflict of interest.” 

All three lawmakers specifically pointed to the fact that Mueller was the FBI Director during the days of the Uranium One deal, when the U.S. willingly sold twenty-percent of its uranium supply to Rosatom, a Russian company with deep ties to the Kremlin. A recent report from The Hill confirms that the FBI knew that the deal was fraught with bribery, kickbacks and possible pay-to-play corruption, yet did nothing.

So should a man who apparently consented to the coverup of one Russian corruption scandal be one charge of the investigation of a second? Gaetz, Biggs and Gohmert don’t think so:
“These deeply troubling events took place when Mr. Mueller was the Director of the FBI. As such, his impartiality is hopelessly compromised. He must step down immediately,” Rep. Gaetz said.

Mueller’s History, Part One

For the most part, Republicans in the House have focused on the fact that Mueller’s FBI was directly involved in the Uranium One deal. Namely, the FBI uncovered the fact that Rosatom and Russian agents were involved in money laundering, extortion, and bribes, and yet the FBI decided to sit on the information for years.

Mueller’s FBI also, thanks to Operation Ghost Stories, discovered that Russian intelligence agents had winnowed their way into Hillary Clinton’s inner circle.

Before these spies could be brought to trial, Secretary of State Clinton decided to let the accused return to Russia. The theory as to why Clinton made this decision involves the Uranium One deal. Namely, Clinton wanted to maintain good relations with Russia so that the deal could be finalized.

Note also, during this time Russian sources were happily forking over hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation. The New York Times admittedthis back in 2015, but are now singing a different tune because the Uranium One scandal is damaging both Mueller and Clinton.

Mueller’s History, Part Two

Robert Mueller has long worked in Washington, D.C. During the administration of George W. Bush, Mueller lied to Congress about the FBI’s illegal spying on antiwar groups.
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Given this history, and given the fact that Mueller’s prosecution team is full of Democratic donors, one must question why Mueller was given this task in the first place.
While Mueller is not under investigation for his role in the Uranium One scandal, it certainly should preclude him from holding the position of public trust he does now. Mueller should immediately resign as special prosecutor.


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