Fwd: FW: The beginning of the rise of machines...

Subject: Fwd: The beginning of the rise of machines...

A drone was found on the Whitehouse property recently.  Hmmm.   Take a look at the video link below and watch it in full-screen.  Some fellow has created a remotely controlled quadro-copter fitted out with a 100 round machine gun. Watch him as he has fun blowing up mannequins and cars. Look at the other weapons too. It is all done with a touch of humor but the reality is that this fellow has created a very lethal killing machine that could be remotely controlled and come into your yard, or house and kill everyone there. Then fly away or self-destruct.



delagar said...

And... this is news to RWD? Drones have been around for years.

Anyway, I thought RWD worshiped the 2nd Amendment. How is building a drone to carry your weapons any different?

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