Fwd: Foto: Happy LIE-brul 4th of July


Anonymous said...

Wrecked the currency and destabilized the economy.

But yeah, they were pretty smart to leave the EU.
As smart as we were in electing Trump.


Anonymous said...

Why is US citizen depicted as a Democrat? That's just rightwing think tank propaganda. Frankly this meme has got to fly over RWDs head. It's highly unlikely that he'll understand any of what's going on or care.

Anonymous said...

It's McCoy.

What else do you need to know that it's black-hole stupid?

CharlieE said...

Glenn McCoy's cartoons all have a common theme:

They describe events that McCoy himself does not understand.

Pikaman said...

They can't put down the ignorant hate for one day. One day!

Anonymous said...

NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independance yesterday and Trump supporters had no idea what it was and had an epic freakout, damning it as liberal trash.

Yep, not at all surprising.

ferschitz said...

Yeah, I just saw that whole crazed - take that term exactly by its definition - reaction to NPR tweeting (and also reading on air) the US Declaration of Independence... which is something NPR has done on July 4 for quite a few years.

If that's not prima facie evidence of how severely brainwashed many/most conservatives are, I don't know what is.

Conservatives have been painstakingly brainwashed for almost 4 decades now by rightwing media - which is MOST of including CNN but most especially Fox - Hate Radio & "Christiany" broadcasting to hate Hate HATE liberals, and most especially loathe hate detest and despise all minorities.

These people are seriously brain damaged. I hope that some of those rightwingers who got their azzes handed to them yesterday - and actually realized what insane, STUPID, know-nothing jerks they were being and actually deleted their TWIT accounts - actually take a moment for some personal reflection. As in: how about doing some research on FACTS, rather than *incessantly* having a knee-jerk reaction to every little thing that you perceive is some left wing conspiracy to make your life better.

Would be nice. Won't hold my breath. Really interesting how that all played out.

Sad to say: self-reflection and critical thinking are not RWD's forte.

Anonymous said...

"Sad to say: self-reflection and critical thinking are not RWD's forte."

Pot, Kettle? You obviously lack these very same qualities.

The election is over, the talking is done.
Your party lost, my party won.
So let us be friends, let arguments pass.
I'll hug my elephant, you kiss your ass.

Have a Great day

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