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Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 7:50 AM
Subject: Two Tragedies Two Interpretations:

Two Tragedies Two Interpretations:
A couple of days ago a tragic incident took place a few miles South of us in Brunswick GA, when a 13 month-old, Caucasian infant in a stroller was shot several times, once point-blank in the face, and killed by two Black teenage thugs who were attempting to rob this child's helpless mother who was herself shot in the leg as she tried to shield her child from the shooter.  Compare this incident to another tragic incident that occurred about 12 months ago, a little further South in Sanford FL, when neighborhood-watch chief, George Zimmerman (a Hispanic) shot and killed Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old, Black man during an unwitnessed altercation which has yet to be tried in court.  Even though the Brunswick incident is relatively recent, it is already apparent that these two tragedies will not be given the same attention and coverage by the public or the media.  While the Zimmerman-Martin case is fraught with ambiguities and innuendos, the Brunswick incident does not appear to be.  And even though the investigation of the Brunswick case is just getting started, there has been no media outcry regarding the totally despicable and depraved nature of the shooting in Brunswick; a mom pushing her 13 month old infant in a stroller, and witnessing her baby being shot in the face and murdered because she had no money to give to these two robbers.  As far as I know, there have been no public statements by Mr. Obama about the outrageous nature of the crime, no comments from the "reverend" Jessie Jackson or the "reverend" Al Sharpton, who were both all to willing to publicly try, condemn, and call for the death penalty for Mr. Zimmerman even before any of the facts of the case were known.  Is this going to be another example of "affirmative justice"?  Will the "reverse-race" card be played once again to minimize the depravity of the two murderers in Brunswick?  Will the case in Brunswick get a fair hearing and appropriate justice?  Or, will the tragedy in Brunswick be lumped in with the Newtown Connecticut School shooting incident as just another example of the need for stronger gun control laws?


Anonymous said...

While it looks like this did happen, as opposed to other RWF that just make stuff up ( Police: Ga. infant killed while pushed in stroller ) I think that the fundamental difference between the two cases is that the offenders are actively being pursued by and will be charged the GA police unlike, the Zimmerman/Martin case. But I'll give them props for missing the point and comparing Apples to Oranges....

Anonymous said...

They are correct that there have been two different reactions, but the fault is their own. They're the ones who defended, and continue to defend, Zimmerman and balk at his prosecution.

On the other hand, our beliefs remain consistent: if a crime is committed, the perpetrators should be found, tried and, if convicted, punished appropriately. Had this been the case with Trayvon in the first place there never would have been the kind of outrage that there has been.

ferschitz said...

First 2 commenters beat me to it. Yes, the very regrettable infanticide happened in GA, and yes, it happened to be 2 BLACKITY BLACK BLACK youths who killed a WHITEY WHITE WHITE baby. Duly noted.

But, as indicted, as horrible as that homicide was, the PTB are pursuing the case with the full force of the law. So: where's the beef in this case?

I certainly do NOT notice these rightwingers making one iota of a peep about gun violence; that maybe Team USA should strengthen gun control regs. Nay, verily, this sad & horrific story is being used to reliably manipulate rightwing racist white supremicists using reliable Southern Strategy tactics of focusing on the skin tones of the perpetrators & the victims in both instances.

These creeps really could give a rat's patoot about the WHITE infant's death. No, they're using it for low, scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling reasons of pumping up WHITE supremecists to continue being racist bigots against BLACKITY BLACK BLACKs.

As for the Trayvon Martin incident, the reason why - as indicated by a prior commenter - that it got "blown up" and many AA leaders commented on it was because the full force of the law was NOT employed in that incident. Had the full force of the law been followed in FL, I doubt very much that it would've received that much, if any, national attention.

Typical duplicitous, obfuscating bullshit from some rightwing think tank sent out to pit rightwing assholes against minorities... all whilst the 1% picks our pockets. Hey! Look over there!!!!11!! I see eeeevul BLACK people!!!111!!! Boooga boooga!!11!!

Marc with a C said...

Presumably the main difference between the two cases is that while the black teens were arrested and charged with murder, the white shooter Zimmerman basically got off scot-free until public outrage forced the authorities to take action.

gruaud said...

"Or, will the tragedy in Brunswick be lumped in with the Newtown Connecticut School shooting incident as just another example of the need for stronger gun control laws?"

Sane people hope so.

Anonymous said...

The thing that these two incidents have in common is that the writer can only think about them in terms of race. Black and white may be an easy way of looking at the world, but you tend to miss a lot of important details in the process.

Hooray4US said...

Talk about a lot of false equivalencies... not to mention outright falsehoods... but this does fit right into the Fake Noise, racially charged, propoganda narrative, does it not?

Sadly unsurprising.

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