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 Gotta love the tagline:  "I'm not politicizing"  Yeah right!

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 Worth watching.   I'm not politicing -  form your own opinion after. 
If you disagree, merely "delete".
I don't know how you feel about Newt, but just watch the way he handles the leftist reporters in these clips of the last debate. Can you imagine how he would wipe the floor with Obama in a one-on-one debate.

Watch this and then tell me, "who is the smartest man in the room."


Matto the Hun said...

If you're going to be sucking Newt's dick that hard, that's fine, just don't imagine anything serious will come of it like is previous wives did.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how he would wipe the floor with Obama in a one-on-one debate

No, I can't, because it wouldn't happen. But I do love how now being a good debater is a plus for wingnuts, unlike in 2008, and 2004, and 2000, when debates meant nothing because their guy sucked at them.

Of course, if Perry manages to rally and secure the nomination then I'm sure debating prowess will no longer be considered meaningful.

Anonymous said...

"Leftist Reporters"? The debate was sponsored by Bloomberg TV and the Washington Post. I suppose Bloomberg is leftist compared to Fox News, but not compared to much else. And the Post is a haven for right wing hacks.

If that's what they consider "leftist" God save us from what they consider "conservative".

Anonymous said...

Watch this and then tell me, "who is the smartest man in the room."

At a GOP debate? Not exactly the smartest room.

ferschitz said...

Now that all the other Clowns in the Republican Clown Car Campaign have crapped out on one level or another, and Willard Mittens Romney wears those booga booga scary scary Magic Undies, TeaGOPers are once again harkening to the El-Supremo Grifter, Serial Adulterer & Mega-Hypocrit, Newticles Gingrich.

Is Gingrich smart? Probably smarter than some of the other candidates currently running, but not all that smart. Just good at grifting the rubes to get big buck$$$ to pay off his various trophy wives to get them to hang around his odious self for a while.

Agree with a prior comment: Repugs will hypocritically hype up Newt's so-called "debating skills" as if that's a HUGE deal to them, but if one of their other Clowns, like GoodHair Perry, were to get the nomination, then typical double-standards Repukes would be all about how it doesn't matter if Perry can't debate worth damn... and anyway, it'd be great to sit next to Perry while he executes another innocent citizen. Shazam!

Thx 4 Fish said...

Somone who thinks that labeling reporters 'leftist' is not politicizing, probably can't tell a smart-honest man from a smart-corrupt one.

Anonymous said...

As easy as it is to take potshots at Newt, let's briefly touch on his masterful responses:

You're not serious about the cause you protest for if you leave any trash?

Typical Republican toadying for the financial sector by insisting that the government somehow forced them to make a bunch of terrible decisions.

But does he believe anyone should go to jail for, say, the actions of the Bush administration? He didn't believe it about his close associate Scooter Libby.

Newt believes any limit on Medicare spending is apparently death panels. Very interesting view for a Republican to take these days.

Apparently it's the President's fault that Congress can't take their job seriously, and that Republicans block nearly every bill that comes up.

"Repeal Dodd-Frank"? As in, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act? Why?

"Hard money," aka the gold standard, will let us compete evenly with China? Ahahahahahahaa, how can anyone take this clown seriously on economics?

Mysophobe said...

"Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think smart people sound like." - Paul Krugman

gruaud said...

Ahaha! Mysophobe with a ringing double off the wall.

Here are some quotes by the Newt himself.


I think they disqualify him from being even good and decent, but YMMV and Republicans aren't really about decency anyway.

Mr_Creosote said...

"Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think smart people sound like." - Paul Krugman

Spot on. That windbag only makes sense to those troglodytes living in their own self imposed right-wing sterile bubble. Such predictable preaching-to-the-chior would be so obvious to anyone who's vision isn't so blinded by identity politics....and that's all it is. Cons may not dislike the 90 percent of certified nuts of the GOP in the running, but they are just now beginning to realize their un-electability. All Newt brings is name recognition. He's theire "great white hope". That guy couldn't "wipe the floor in a debate" with even a moderately read Swiffer.

Phoenician said...

"Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think smart people sound like." - Paul Krugman

And, My God, does this email not prove it?

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