FWD: Videos 26 Years Apart

Subject: Videos 26 Years Apart
Morning (mourning) in America!

Compare these two videos that were produced 26 years apart. In 1984 it was necessary for the electorate to vote out the Democrat, Jimmy Carter and clean up the mess he created in four short years.

In 2012 it will be necessary for us to repeat the entire process again and vote out Obama and his socialistic cronies and try to save what’s left of our country!

There is no free lunch, and it is still impossible to spend ourselves out of debt!


Keith said...

Need I point out that 1984 was President Reagan's re-election, and that President Carter was voted out in 1980, and therefore "Morning in America" was the supposed result of 4 years of Reagan, not an inditement of Carter?

CharlieE said...

There is no free lunch, and it is still impossible to spend ourselves out of debt!

Actually, it is possible to spend yourself out of debt, as any economist will tell you.

More spending -> more jobs -> more employment -> more taxes -> more revenue -> you can pay off the debt.

It's all kind of basic, first-day-of-college-econ-101 kind of stuff.

Not that Republicans pay much attention to "education" or "facts." If they did, this bonehead wouldn't be telling us that Carter was defeated in 1984.

Marc with a C said...

Tell you what, winger. How about we agree to vote against Obama in 2016 if you agree to concede 2012? How's that sound?

Zeno said...

Clever, Marc! (They could fall for that one! They really could.)

ferschitz said...

I, too, am "mourning" in America, and I have been in "mourning" since Reagan was elected the first time in 1980... it's pretty much been downhill since then. And the rightwing fabulists certainly got a big push during the years that "Daddy" Reagan, saddled with Alzheimers, played his last starring role as putative "leader" of the free world.

The conservatives were just as addled and outright wrong then as they are now. In that regard, not much has changed. Stupid is as stupid does, but unfortunately, the rest of us have to deal with it.

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