Fwd: The Forgotten Man

Subject: Fwd: The Forgotten Man

WOW. A picture of you and me at the mercy of several presidents, but especially since this usurper, traitor and liar has been in office.
This artist has such tremendous insight.

    What an incredible painting.....

     This is amazing.............................


CharlieE said...

That's just so bizarre and twisted that I don't even know how to respond to it.

Could someone please list all of the freedoms that Obama has allegedly taken away? I can't think of any.

Anonymous said...

The psychological transference of the right wing is so embarrasingly obvious their faces should be red with shame. Since Bush so soundly wiped out so much of the Bill of Rights, I don't think there was much left for Obama to mess with. Keith Olbermann did a special comment once showing how 8 out of 10rights were trampled by Bush and his "war on terror" leaving us only the 2nd and 3rd amendments. And sadly Obama has failed to restore these rights.

Anonymous said...

The artist has done several of these. I recommend checking out the "One Nation Under God" one on the front page, which is just astounding (and not particularly historically accurate).

Could someone please list all of the freedoms that Obama has allegedly taken away? I can't think of any.

Obama has kept more Bush-era policies than I'd like, but his authorization to kill a US citizen in Yemen is the only time I can think of him outdoing Bush.

gruaud said...

Almost the exact opposite of what's been happening
for the last 50 years.

FDR applauding is an especially psychotic touch.

Exact opposite, dingbats.

Marc with a C said...

Interestingly, you will note that this article comes to us from "a media service of European Americans United."

Take a guess what sort of things they believe.

CharlieE said...


I'll agree that Obama has leaned a bit rightward on civil liberties, and the Anwar al-Awlaki case is a good example.

Still, the Right would have us believe that our right to peaceably assemble has been replaced by a requirement that we quarter soldiers in our homes.

I haven't seen much of that. And the Right, of course, is perfectly OK with Obama's intent to kill al-Awlaki, though they'd never admit it.

Hibryd said...

I... I have no idea where to even start on that one.

I do have to wonder if the "forgotten man" would have so much ghostly presidential support if he was black, Native American, or Asian.

Hibryd said...

Okay, here's where I'll start.

The "artist's" previous painting made it perfectly clear that Jesus should be the source and cornerstone of American government and all who disagree are evil. AND Jesus preached extensively about feeding the poor and healing the sick. BUT every president who instituted (or were even sympathetic to) government programs welfare programs that demonstrably helped the poor and sick are all placed on the "bad" side, along with those who had anything to do with income taxs. (Hey, remember what Jesus *actually said* about paying taxes? Something about rendering to Caesar...)

So in essence the "artist" believes that revering Jesus is everything, as long as you ignore what he actually talked about.

Anonymous said...

What the artist fails to mention is that the Forgotten Man's life got ruined when Bush destroyed the economy. But he blames the black guy anyway.

ferschitz said...

Eh - always blame the black guy. It's the conservative fall-back position. All the other conservatives love it. So easy: no thought involved; just pure racism is necessary.

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