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Glenn Beck's Departure from Fox News - Part 1
By Robert Ringer: Perhaps some have had reservations about the level
of concern I have expressed about what is happening in the criminally
corrupt and unconstitutional actions of those in control of our
government in Washington . The attached article published by World
Net Daily provides an interesting analysis of speculation over the
outstanding job that Glenn Beck has done in documenting the blatant
headlong effort of the Obama administration to ignore and trash the
Constitution in the interest of his obsession to convert this nation
into a Marxist/Socialist society. If you have not heard the Glenn
Beck programs on Fox News you have missed the most honest, factual
documentation of the criminal corruption of what is happening in
Washington, and I would encourage everyone to see as many of his
programs as you possibly can. This country has only about six months
to assure the complete reversal of Congressional control in this
country. If that does not happen, the freedoms that our country has
enjoyed for well over 250 years will be past history. Unfortunately we do not have enough
strong leaders in Congress who can and will stand up and expose the
sinister agenda that is in the process of being implemented at this
time. As you read the summations of the author of this article he
speculates about four possibilities of what might happen to Glenn
Beck in the near future. Your attention is directed to the first of
his four options as to what might happen to Glenn Beck. His thoughts
there are exactly what I have been fearing for the last six months.
Glenn has exposed so much criminal corruption in the Apollo Alliance
and the Chicago Carbon Exchange (CCX) and the level to which George
Soros, Al Gore, the corrupt union leadership such as the SIEU, and
Barack Obama have been involved. What I have been fearing is the
same "strange, unfortunate accidents" that happened to the
acquaintances of Bill & Hillary Clinton during the early days of
their political career. Don't be naive enough to think it could not
happen with this bunch. I suggest you read this article carefully,
then listen to Glenn Beck's program as often as you can. Our country
is in the most perilous time of its 250 year history. Our children
and grand children will not enjoy the freedoms, privileges and
prosperity that we have enjoyed if this November election does not
clean house with this Congress, and create the potential for the
impeachment of at least three of the current leaders in Washington .
Glenn Beck's Departure from Fox News - Part 1By Robert Ringer
On rare occasions, a unique figure bursts onto the national stage and
has a dramatic impact on politics, culture, or both. Glenn Beck is
one of those figures. He is surely the biggest, fastest, most
controversial star in the political commentary business in my
Beck is a real-life version of Howard Beale, the fictional television
commentator in the 1976 film classic Network. Beale whipped his
cultish TV audience into a frenzy, exhorting them to stick their
heads out the window and chant, ''I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going
to take this anymore!''
Much to the chagrin of the oligarchy in Washington, however, Glenn
Beck is not a fictional character. He's real, and he has succeeded in
enlightening his audience far beyond Beale's simple rants about the
unfairness of life. Beck is much more knowledgeable, much more
factual, much more rational, and much more focused on the key issue:
America 's loss of liberty.
I find it more than just a bit ironic that ultra-liberal CNN Headline
News gave Beck his first forum on television. There, he created a
huge stir with his ''rodeo-clown'' antics and his willingness to talk
openly about his drug- and alcohol-addicted past. But as he
increasingly added his political views to the mix, people started
asking, ''Why isn't this guy on Fox News?''
Of course, Roger Ailes was closely observing Beck all along, and, in
January 2009, he brought him to Fox and fit him into the 5:00 p.m.
time slot. While Beck had been moving more and more toward political
commentary at CNN Headline News, from the moment he came to Fox his
transition to near-total politics was swift.
Combining his incredible talents with the work of his equally
incredible research staff, Beck became a household name seemingly
overnight. In truth, of course, he had been in media for thirty
years, but he had never before had a forum like Fox News.
Beck's show is so good I'm convinced that if a person doesn't watch
it on a regular basis, it's almost impossible for him to understand
the true causes of the moral and economic collapse of the United
States - or even that it is collapsing - because no one else on TV
covers most of the stories he dissects in impeccable detail. His
modus operandi has been to expose the bad guys through their own
words by playing audios and videos of them shooting off their mouths
and by quoting their writings.
For quite some time now, I have believed that Beck has become so good
at exposing the truth, so well respected, and so powerful that the
Forces of Darkness in the White House and Congress view him as a
major threat to their aspirations to eliminate the Constitution, the
rule of law, and individual sovereignty in the United States . (In
fact, they now refer to him as ''the Beck problem.'')
But, as I have written in the past, the Obamafia is in a no-win
situation with Beck. If its leaders ignore him, he will continue to
disrobe Chairman Obama and his malevolent progressive pals through
their own spoken and written words.
On the other hand, as they have already discovered, the more they try
to discredit Beck, the more attention they draw to him - and the more
people will learn about the details of how they plan to fundamentally
transform America . Worse, their childish mudslinging is no match for
Beck's sixty minutes of hard-core truth five days a week (not to
mention his three-hour daily radio show).
So Beck keeps raising the ante, and there is no question in my mind
that the oligarchy in Washington sees him as a major obstacle between
where they are today and their ultimate goal: a firmly entrenched,
all-powerful federal government that controls every aspect of
people's lives.
Listening to Beck this past year has convinced me that he senses he
has been chosen by a Higher Power to lead the charge against the
evildoers in government. If so, it's not the first time God has
surprised the world with his choice of a messenger.
In laying down the gauntlet, Beck has pointed out that as a
recovering alcoholic, he's already been at the bottom, so nothing
scares him. ''The worst thing that can happen in my life,'' Beck has
said, ''is to lose my honor and to return to my Heavenly Father
without honor - without doing what I was supposed to do.'' When
people talk like this, it represents a very big problem for those in
Beck has made it clear that he is not afraid of losing everything if
that's what it takes to convey the truth to as many people as
possible. And, as the far left knows all too well, a man who is
willing to lose everything can be a huge obstacle to its achieving
its socialist objectives.
The willingness to lose everything is, in fact, a key to being a
successful revolutionary, or, in Beck's case, a
counter-revolutionary. How many people do you know who are prepared
to lose everything to fight for what they believe in? Not long ago,
Beck came right out and said, ''I'm going out swinging.'' That
statement carried with it some very strong implications. Clearly,
something has to give. My best guess? I hope I'm wrong, but I have
long had the feeling that Glenn Beck will be leaving Fox News other
than through old-age retirement.
Glenn Beck's Departure from Fox News - Part 2
By Robert Ringer: How might his departure come about? The way I
see it, there are four possible avenues of exit.
As I watch him strip BHO and other members of Crime Inc. down to
their dirty underwear every day at 5:00 pm, I ponder what the
Obamaviks will do to try to stop him from destroying their
full-speed-ahead efforts to transform the U.S. into a collectivist
I see four possibilities for Beck's exit from Fox News:
Assassination. On more than one occasion, Beck has alluded to cement
boots and his ending up at the bottom of the East River . He has also
assured his audience that he has no inclination to jump off a tall
building, and if something like that were to ever happen to him, it
would not be accidental.
Even more ominous is that Beck continually tells his audience that
this isn't about him, that each and every one of them must stand up
and carry on the fight. When he says this, it sparks memories of
Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous words at a rally in Memphis the night
before he was murdered:
''We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter
with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop ... and I've looked
over, and I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you,
but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the
promised land.''
Anyone who has read even a nominal amount of political history knows
that those on the far left unabashedly believe that their morally
superior objectives justify the use of violence. The problem they
have with Beck is that using violence to eliminate him is dangerous,
given that he has already warned the public to be on the lookout for
his sudden demise. Plus, a martyred Glenn Beck could be as powerful
for the liberty movement as a martyred Barack Obama would be for the
movement to turn America into a socialist police state.
So, let's assume - and hope - that no harm befalls Glenn Beck. What
else, then, might cause him to leave Fox News?
Roger Ailes retires or passes on. Roger Ailes has almost
single-handedly propped up the free press in this country, being so
good at his job that Fox News has been able to render its left-wing
media competition almost irrelevant. When Ailes, who recently turned
seventy, leaves Fox, there is no assurance that Rupert Murdoch will
pick a replacement with equally strong conservative beliefs.
If Roger Ailes is replaced by a ''moderate,'' the new president of
Fox News would undoubtedly either terminate Beck or place
restrictions on what he could and could not say. And if the latter
occurred, you can be sure Beck would depart Fox - with his honor
intact, as promised.
Rupert Murdoch passes on. Rupert Murdoch is still going strong, but
the reality is that he's seventy-nine years old. And, as I've written
about in the past (Fox News's Liberal Future), Murdoch's children and
son-in-law are liberals who have long complained that Fox News is too
conservative. With Murdoch gone, there would surely be a major
shakeup, and both Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck - perhaps along with a
few others - would quickly be out the door. It would be the end of
Fox News as we have come to know it.
The Godfather option. Barack Obama knows that time is against him.
With liberal Democrats dropping like flies in primaries and special
elections, he can't afford to wait too long for Roger Ailes to retire
or Rupert Murdoch to pass on.
Solution? Just send ''the boys'' over to have a little chat with
Rupert Murdoch and make him ''an offer he can't refuse.'' In keeping
with Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd's clearly stated objective to force
''some people to step down to make room for others,'' the offer might
be as straightforward as: (1) If you get rid of Glenn Beck, Fox News
can stay on the air; (2) if you choose to keep him, Fox News will be
shut down.
Kind of the Obamafia's version of putting a bloody horse's head in
someone's bed to improve his perception of reality.
And let us not forget that Cass Sunstein - whom Beck refers to as
''the most dangerous man in America '' - says he wants to use
government power to stop ''conspiracy theories.'' (Translation:
Repress the truth by using whatever means necessary to silence the
So where does Beck go if he departs Fox News? On at least one
occasion, he said that even if the bad guys succeed in forcing him
off radio and television, he will come back with a louder voice and
larger platform than ever. I found that to be a tantalizing
statement, one that caused me to speculate on what such a platform
might be.
Of course, the biggest platform of all would be president of the
United States . Beck says he would never run for president, because he
wouldn't want to risk losing his soul. The implication is that a
person can't run for president, and certainly can't hold the office
of the presidency, and keep his honor intact.
I thought about this recently when Beck did an in-depth show on one
of his heroes, George Washington. He emphasized a number times that
what made Washington unique was that he did not want to be president.
He accepted the office only out of a sense of duty, and refused to
stay in office longer than two terms.
I believe - and it is strictly a personal belief based only on
watching and listening to him - that Beck sees himself in much the
same way. I think he feels a sense of duty to do whatever he can to
help save America . He knows that George Washington did not want to be
president, yet he served out of a sense of duty. Even more
interesting, Beck has said that ''Americans are looking for someone
like George Washington.''
Clearly, he has a vivid sense that he has been put in his current
high-profile station in life for a purpose. Which means he may not
have a choice but to throw his hat into the political ring - if not
in 2012, perhaps in 2016.
Much like the Founding Fathers, I believe Beck has committed himself
to using his fame, his fortune, and his enormous talents to help
defeat the poisonous progressive movement that is fundamentally
transforming the United States into a destitute socialist nation.
So, the $64 question is: Will Glenn Beck ultimately conclude that he
has no choice but to run for president?
And the $128 question is: Would enough Americans be willing to open
their minds to the truths he would expose to elect him president?
If Beck did become president, I believe he would go down as one of
the greatest - and most unpopular - patriots in American history.
Unpopular because, like George Washington, he would not be willing to
trade his honor for popularity.
In any event, if the presidency is not in Beck's future, it will be
interesting to see what his platform will be three to five years down
the road. Right now, at Fox News, he's a ticking time bomb for the
progressive movement in this country.
If you think Beck would make a good president please pass this on.
God Save America !!


Anonymous said...

Our country is in the most perilous time of its 250 year history.

Revolutionary War? Meh

Constitutional crisis? Whatever

War of 1812? Please

Civil War? Overrated in terms of peril to the Nation

WW2? Piece of Cake

Cold War? Smold Smore

8 Years of Bush = Golden age of American "freedom"

Yup, we're definitely headed over the edge now, because we want to put the marginal tax rate back to what it was under Ronald Reagan. THE HORROR!

ferschitz said...

"If Beck did become president, I believe he would go down as one of
the greatest - and most unpopular - patriots in American history.
Unpopular because, like George Washington, he would not be willing to trade his honor for popularity."

Ohmigawd! Well, dude, Beck traded his "honor" (if he ever had any) a looooooong time ago to grift rubes like you for lotsa lotsa shiny payola and "popularlity." The more popular he is, the more rubes he's able to rip off with his shiny Goldline coins.

Sheesh, guess Beckerhead hired the Koch brothers PR outfit to poop this one out for the gullible minions.

gruaud said...

Hey, it's the Michelle Bachmann equals
Superwoman guy again!

The crazy is strong with this one.

I didn't realize that this is the same
asshole who wrote those two paeans
to being a selfish dick in the 70's:
'Winning through Intimidation' and
'Looking Out For Number One' .


Anonymous said...

What an astoundingly pompous, boot-licking, dimwitted puff piece.

And not only is he a Randroid, but his site proudly touts its interviews with the likes of Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, Charles Krauthammer, and Dick Armey.

Marc with a C said...

I for one think America's standing in the world would rocket up exponentially if President Beck were to take his case to the floor of the U.N. and have a good cry.

Anonymous said...

Someone's been at the distillery again, making pure-grade crazy.

So many, many ways for Glenn Beck to be silenced, yet he still keeps yammering on day-after-day.

Hibryd said...

Marc - Just wait until he hauls out his blackboard and misspells stuff!

Thx 4 Fish said...

This is an "analysis of speculation," because speculation alone doesn't waste enough of one's time.

This guy thinks Beck is a modern_day prophet. You can almost hear him thinking, "First we'll make him president, then God."

Anoner said...

I've never understood the appeal of clearly charlatan tent-show revival grifters, but there's no end of US citizens who will line up to be ripped off by jerkwads like Beck.

The Beck/Palin grift is like that Burt Lancaster movie:

Sister Sharon & Elmer Gantry rise again.

Hooray4US said...

I'll give Beck this: he's good a removing money from fools.

Anonymous said...

What outstanding paranoia. "They would shut down FOX news." "Glenn Beck is a real life Howard Beale" do they realize that Howard Beale was completely, totally insane?

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