FW: "Photo of the Year"

Subject: FW: "Photo of the Year"


bendk said...

Uh oh, grandpa found 4chan

gruaud said...

Martin Sullivan - AIG
James Gayne - Bear Stearns
Kenneth Lewis - B of A
Lloyd Blankfein - Goldman Sachs
Richard Fuld - Lehman Bros
John Thain - Merril Lynch
John Mack - Morgan Stanley

These are the guys you want to flip the
bird at, little girl. And if you let them,
they'll do it all over again.

Anonymous said...

I assume this is about the health care bill, so don't forget the CEOs of the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the medical equipment manufacturers, the doctors, the hospital administrators, the med school boards...

Also don't forget that the CBO says this talking point is a lie.

Anonymous said...

The CBO, does not say this talking point is a lie. The CBO produces numbers based on the info they are given. The info the CBO was given was BS. If the CBO was told that a magic pill costing $1 would cure all diseases they would have make their projections based on the fact that all illnesses would be cured with a few hundred million dollars worth of magic pills.
The same thing happened during the Bush Admin, when their budgets were considered to be running "small" to no deficits...of course the Bush admin didn't include the $100Billion in emergency war spending in their budget.

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