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MARCH 5th, 2009

Last Thursday Night Around Midnight,
A Woman From Houston , Texas Was Arrested,
Jailed, And Charged With Manslaughter
For Shooting A Man 6 Times In The Back
As He Was Running Away With Her Purse.

The Following Monday Morning,
The Woman Was Called In Front Of The
Arraignment Judge, Sworn In,
And Asked To Explain Her Actions.

The Woman Replied,
"I Was Standing At The Corner Bus Stop
For About 15 Minutes, Waiting For The
Bus To Take Me Home After Work..
I Am A Waitress At A Local Cafe....

I Was There Alone,
So I Had My Right Hand On My Pistol,
That Was In My Purse, That Was Hung
Over My Left Shoulder.

All Of A Sudden I Was Being
Spun Around Hard To My Left.
As I Caught My Balance, I Saw A Man
Running Away From Me With My Purse.

I Looked Down At My Right Hand And I Saw
That My Fingers Were Wrapped Tightly
Around My Pistol.
The Next Thing I Remember Is Saying Out Loud,
"No Way Punk! Your Not Stealing My
Pay Check And Tips."

I Raised My Right Hand, Pointed My Pistol
At The Man Running Away From Me With My Purse,
And Squeezed The Trigger Of My Pistol 6 Times!

When Asked By The Arraignment Judge,
"Why Did You Shoot The Man 6 Times?

The Woman Replied Under Oath,
"Because, When I Pulled The Trigger The 7th Time, It Only Went Click."

The Woman Was Acquitted Of All Charges.
And She Was Back At Work,
At The Cafe, The Next Day!
Now that's Gun Control....


Marc with a C said...

According to federal and most state laws, it is illegal to shoot a person who poses no threat to you, even if they committed a crime. Especially if they are running away and you gun them down in the back.

But, Texas is special that way.

ferschitz said...

Written by a guns 'n ammo seller in TX. They know their customers, and they've done better since BHO won because they (the guns & ammo dealers) have pumped out the b.s.that the "n" word is coming to take your guns away. They've sold tons of guns & ammo to these gullible rubes - it's easier to rip off 2d Amend nuts than it is to shoot fish in a barrel.

This little screed is just a plain every day mastabatory fantasy.

Nice folks, these TX teabaggers.

Matto the Hun said...

Right, and most of the stories go that the person ended up shot with their own gun.

Every one of these small minded fucktards think they live in a goddamn Rambo movie.

Anonymous said...

Iknow that in South Carolina, which is not exactly a liberal bastion, she would have been charged with manslaughter at the least had he died or assault and battery with intent to kill otherwise. This in a state that cut $1 billion from its underfunded budget this year yet has two tax free weekends for gun and ammo purchases.

gruaud said...

"No way punk! Your not stealing my paycheck
and tips."

This part is even better than the punchline.

Anonymous said...

I guess Texas doesn't have concealed weapon laws either. I've always been a big fan of Arizona's carry laws: open and notorious. If you actually believe guns are good for detering crime (a dubious proposition, but one that's pretty strongly held by the RW demographic.), then have them out in the open so the crook decides to look elsewhere. As written now the pleasure isn't in carrying a gun and exercising your freedoms (which isn't on its face an objectionable rationale), but rather gunning a guy down in the back, which is pretty deplorable.

Anonymous said...

Eh - I thought all those John Wayne (eg, Mr. Macho Republican, himself) westerns indicated that shooting someone in the back was really a big, bad no-no, as in cowardly and just not done???? amirite? Sort of a code among theives type of thing.

hurrr... guess these GOPers aren't very courageous or ethical, but no surprises there.

Anonymous said...

Judges love vigilante justice! At least in right wing wet dreams.

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