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ferschitz said...

Jealous much?

There was an interesting interview in last Sunday's (10/25) NYT Magazine with Thorbjorn Jagland of the Nobel Comm. about why/how they chose Obama. It's interesting, and Mr. Jagland lays out some good reasons for why they chose BHO:


Cheapening the prize by comparing it to a Cracker Jack "prize" is typical of the sore losers on the right, who clearly do not wish the best for our country as a whole.

gruaud said...


Tootseye said...

It's a prize awarded by a European organization. We should all be celebrating that the POTUS got it, as it's an honor for our country.

The right claps and cheers (and rightfully so) when someone they like/approve of gets the award, such as Henry Kissinger. But they throw temper tantrums when someone they deem unworthy (ie, Jimmy Carter, BHO) gets it.

Meh: typically self-centered, and wrong, as usual.

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