Fw: Ever had a day like this?


gruaud said...

I wonder when the contards will finish their Bible
revision project? I especially want to see how
they handle the Sermon on the Mount.

Anonymous said...

Putting the historical innacuracies and the implied anthropolgy problems aside, this is actually kind of funny.

Ever missed a meeting because of a schedule screw-up? Not every right-wing forward is offensive.

gruaud said...

I didn't find the comic at all offensive.

Conservapedia's project to revise the KJ Bible
is deserving of scorn and mockery, though.

ferschitz said...

Cartoon is fine, but... news report:

So I visited ye olde homestead, aka Happy Acres, where my very ancient 'rents have retired in ruralish Amish country USA. To make mom happy & for the LULZ, I went to church. Used to be a "Jesus loves the little children" kinda place; what is called a "plain" church. Not really Amish or Mennonite, but interior is very plain, simple (nice but no ornamentation) and services used to focus on Jesus's teachings.

But yeah: the C Street Family has sadly infiltrated. Darn but I'm missing next Sunday's "message" from some stooge who is "spreading god's word" to "corporations and Hollywood."

Sermon taken from NIV Old Testament; all about fear, fear, fear. Plus sleaze-bag minister (srsly, I tried REALLY hard to see him as good guy, but these spooges all end up looking/acting/talking like King Spooge himself, Ted Haggard) had to slide in references to our "godless gubmint" and "godless administration," and then made two references about how the theory of evolution was teh eeeevul & such.

And then: gimme gimme yer munies.

You will all be impressed that I admirably restrained myself from standing up and shrieking: You LIE!!!!or some such.


I'm pretty sure that Jesus was NOT mentioned even once. It was all about the "big dawg," and not the so-called "son."

So I'm pretty sure this church is working hard to erase much of the New Testament from everyone's memories.

Sad, really. And thus you see numero uno reason why I no longer call myself a "christian." [typical disclaimer to all christians who don't go to churches like this & act this way, yadda yadda. I know different churches are out there and I'm not pointing fingers at YOU personnally. But srsly I have watched so-called "nice" churches from my youth be infiltrated in this way, and it's more widespread than most want to believe.]

ferschitz said...

PS I really, really, really wish all churches would be taxed. The political shilling is quite evident, and many churches like this (again: disclaimer: not all do this) do a LOT of political stuff in the so-called name of god.

Anonymous said...

I don't consider this a RWF.

Pretty benign.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a RWF. This one implies that dinosaurs did in fact exist. Dinosaurs, as we know according to right wingers, are a hoax. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Oh but according to the whatever that weirdo creationist museum is in the south (too lazy to look up), dinos DID exist. They just roamed around & played with teh baby jeebus or something like that.

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