FW: Do you know what "shovel ready" means?

now you no doubt have heard the government discussion about "shovel ready" projects to stimulate the economy?

If you're like me, you have no idea what that means other than it's going to cost me more tax dollars?

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Ramirez, Investor's Business Daily, offers his version here.


Anonymous said...

well, ok, sort of a fair enough comment from the opposition. It's actually less stupid than many of the other forwards.

My main quibble is: what has the opposition proposed, instead?

Their main & only mantra seems to be: don't tax obscenely wealthy people ever or at all in any way shape or form, and all will be well.

Until they come up with something else (anything else, fer gawd's sake), methinks there is a bigger load of $hit coming outta the back end of the elephant....

Anonymous said...

Vulgar, idiotic, and at the same time short sighted.

Ask any farmer or gardener about the value of good fertilizer to stimulating production.

Marc with a C said...

"Shovel-ready" has got to be one of the MOST ANNOYING political buzzwords of the last 18 months.

And then the Repubs turn around and act outraged when they find out that some of the people who are working those "shovel-ready" jobs...*whispers* may be illegal immigrants.

Hey guys? China and India and shovel-ready. You want to rebuild the economy? Give all teachers at all levels a 10% bonus now, open more schools and cut the cost of tuition at universities by 25%.

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