Clinton "joke" from long ago with bonus

"I wanted to share this 'joke' I got from a dear relative a long time ago. I added the last line and sent it back to him, and I haven't gotten any emails like this from him since." -Charles

------------Begin Clinton Joke------------------

Bill Clinton got off his helicopter in front of the White House with a baby pig under each arm. The Marine guard snapped to attention, saluted, and said "Nice pigs, Sir!"

The President replied "These are not pigs. They are authentic Arkansas Razorback Hogs. I got one for Hillary, and I got one for Chelsea."

The Marine again snapped to attention, saluted, and replied, "Nice trade, Sir!"

Whereupon President Clinton put the hogs down and punched the bastard's lights out.


Anonymous said...

What a great website. I wonder if we actually share the same father?

Anonymous said...

Chelsea announced that she had met a wonderful young man. Bill sternly warned her, “Honey, you shouldn’t be spending time on him. I had an affair with his mother. That makes him your half-brother.” Hillary later took Chelsea aside and reassured her, “Don’t worry about it. Bill’s not really your father.”

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